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Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development

Are you in need of strengthening and developing leaders within your organization? Lyceum for Innovative Leadership LLC offers a leadership development program that focuses on the fundamentals of organizational leaders. Our program encourages leaders to reach their full potential by helping them achieve their professional goals. Lyceum for Innovative Leadership LLC promotes a meaningful learning experience for participants within an interactive environment which includes individual coaching, assessments, and activities.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, communication, self-awareness, power and influence, as well as, new leadership tools and techniques. As a follow up to the leadership development program, each participant will receive two individualized 30-minute coaching sessions to support the application of their leadership development plan.

Key Benefits
  • Improved team building and collaboration skills.
  • Inclusive environment promoting leadership and open discussion.
  • Ability to lead during dynamic changes.
  • Increased awareness in self and others.

2 days

Group Size

Up to 20 participants

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